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TECAUMA designs, manufactures, assembles and installs automated production lines and handling equipment for different sectors: principally window & door manufacturing, bricks & tiles and metallurgy.

Thanks to its wide range of activities and its recognized expertise, TECAUMA has the capacity to offer lines or equipment for other business sectors.

TECAUMA has also acquired great expertise in robot work cells and has implemented these solutions in numerous sectors within the constraints of both production rate and precision. All solutions developed by TECAUMA meet production, productivity, ergonomic and safety requirements.

All solutions developed by TECAUMA efficiently meet production, ergonomics and safety requirements.

Equipment maintenance requirements are integrated in the thinking process from the design phase, in order to guarantee the use of components of well-known brands as well as low maintenance costs for customers.



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ISO-9001TECAUMA's Quality Management System is certified ISO 9001.

The company TECAUMA has 70 employees. Half of them are dedicated to engineering and the other half to manufacturing.

From the consultation phase, TECAUMA establishes a detailed and precise product offer, which meets all technical specifications of the product to be manufactured and the standards expected by the customer.

Equipment is then produced using the specifications defined during the consultation phase.

From the order to the installation phase, one of our project leaders becomes a single contact for the customer. This guarantees service quality, reactivity and respect of deadlines, all of which are key values to our company.


All our machines are assembled and tested in our assembly workshops that have a surface area of 6000 sqm. A meeting at TECAUMA with the customer guarantees the conformity and quality of the projects before delivery.

After delivery, our After-Sales Service provides you with assistance for the order of spare parts, repair work or maintenance services.

To provide you with this service quality, TECAUMA relies on:

  • A team of experienced technicians and engineers,
  • A great adaptability to offer customers solutions tailored to their needs,
  • An after-sales service acknowledged for its reliability.



Over 30 years of experience...


Since its creation in 1977, the company has continued to diversify into new business sectors, which has enabled it to learn and develop a real expertise in its customers' manufacturing processes.

TECAUMA has a large number of installations in numerous sectors both in France and abroad. Its lines and equipment are widely acknowledged for their reliability and performance.

To consolidate its position, TECAUMA continues to develop new equipment in order to anticipate the development of products and production processes. Several patents have been granted to TECAUMA.

Both in France and internationally, TECAUMA has taken part in numerous development projects, which enables it to offer solutions to its customers which have been widely used and tested.



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